A reporters perspective

This is an interesting read. It was written by a reporter who I used to work with and have a world of respect for. It's an interesting perspective on journalism from a great reporter who was shown the door.

"It’s now all about SVAG. Shock Value and Attention Getting. Instead of us telling you what you need to know, it’s all about us shouting to you about what we found and how we found it. Relevance is not required."


zac love

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Well written, thanks for sharing.

Hope people realize that they have the power to change journalism, partly by changing the channel, but also by telling the stations why they're changing the channel.


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so true....but how do we get our bosses to follow this advise for more than a day or two, till the next abandonded building catches fire, or a traffic accident makes people late for the morning meeting?
partly by changing the channel, but also by telling the stations why they're changing the channel.
The latter is the key, in my opinion. I think this article applies very strongly to my current station. There isn't much listening to the community going on.

Latin Lens

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Just to offer a little here on this...a few years back my station hired a research company to get some data on the viewers in our market...to basically check the pulse. Its funny how after the results came in how completely wrong we have been and how we will continue to get it wrong. We have changed some our direction but the more things change the more they stay the same.

We found out that viewers don't want crime shoved down their throats...yes, you can report it but don't strike fear into them with it...a little too over the top and it reeks of desperation.

Our viewers are more educated than we thought...we write copy as if we are trying to appeal to grammar kids...with silly puns and innuendos and metaphors but most of our viewers have college educations and appreciate well-written, well-thought out scripts.

Viewers care about quality of life issues...jobs, schools, environmental issues...but this greatly depends on the market. Here all these topics matter...we need all these to improve the quality of life in Las Vegas.

So its not suprising to learn that we still haven't gotten it right.


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