"A good run"


He all have seen or done a sports piece with a character that is in some way just a bit "different". Though this story has that, I feel it is more about a connection between 2 people that have affected each other's lives in a way many will be lucky to ever experience. Any thoughts?

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Nice story. Truly a great effort and it showed. For some reason the only part I didn't like and this happens sometimes when you do sports stories over the course of the season....the jerseys jumpcuts...sometimes they are in away jerseys and other times they are in home or practice jerseys. Not that its a big deal but I'd suggest keeping the jersey's consistent until you can get to a sound bite or a cutaway that can allow you to make the change more seamless. But like I said not a big deal. Glad to see the commitment was made by you guys but whats also missing is the emotional sound from coach or mom right before, during, or after the last run and TD he'd score. Great piece of storytelling here.