A Ball of Stories


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This story caught my eye:


Those tape labels you used to toss away, What if you kept them? What slugs have you, or will you write down over a career. A wad of stories spanning a decade? A couple? Fun story to peel back the onion skin on.

Still have a tape archive room or is it a server room? Could you go back to a timeline of big stories like counting tree rings? So analog.

A million ways to make that story fun on TV. I hope KSTP did. A ten minute sit down with KSTP editor Joe Guion and a blast through the archives and it could be a great story.

Multiple cameras, photogs, pints and a way to scroll through old tapes and its a Primetime reality show. Catering always helps.

Masking tape

At one of the stations I worked at while I was in news, I got tired of the tape residue on my tapes, so i bought masking tape and labeled them with a sharpie. The next station where I worked used that method. One of the editors had a masking tape ball for about a year. Somehow it got trashed.:mad: