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  • Thanks.That's kinda what I thought.Kinda like wide ties and lapels...if you wait long enough,they come back into fashion.;)
    Actually, you may find that your VHF gear may perform better now as much of the action is happening higher up in the spectrum and many broadcasters are abandoning VHF for UHF and higher in the digital realm. As long as you have no hits and are talking short range (< 100 feet) you should do fine. A real beef with VHF was not frequency or power but just that the gear wasn't frequency-agile. You were stuck with one freq and if it was stepped on you were out of luck. Luckily with most stuff moving up the band it''s getting better.
    Hi Todd,How's things?
    I have a question.I haven't been following the spectrum shift thing closely.I basically took a lateral step from the biz in the last couple years and did skycam and local news while my camera and sound gear collected dust.Now,due to a move, I will be back in the freelance fray.For the usual two-man stuff,I'll use a soundie,so he or she will have the good stuff.But for the quicky one man stuff,even the nets here won't authorise a soundman.All I have in my kit are two vhf lectros.Are those spectrums gone,or can I still get away with those for a while until I update?
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