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  • Howdy,
    You're name sounds familiar...not sure if we've met though. I'm Matt Tureck, an editor over at the Evening News.
    You looking for freelance folks, or will these be staff positions?
    I know some people that might be interested.
    You can e-mail me at tureckm@cbsnews.com
    I have a habit of not noticing messages at b-roll...
    I know there are many really good photog/storytelling journalists out there--wondering where their resumes and reels are? I used to get lots of good resumes just on spec--not so much these days...and this while we are in a downturn?
    If you are hungry, skilled, experienced in local news and looking for work--write me back please--I will tell you where to send your stuff.
    Best regards to all of you out there. We are in a good but changing profession. One thing hasn't changed though: TV news feeds off the passion of those who do it well--and you are still needed.
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