What's the purpose of "Avid Relink Candidates"?


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In Avid Adrenaline, let's say I have a sequence where some of the clips are P2 not yet consolidated, and others are either tape capture clips or already consolidated P2's. I take that sequence consolidate it so that all clips are on my mainframe drive. When I do that, it creates a new bin called "Avid Relink Candidates." I usually just close that bin out, I usually don't know what I'm supposed to do with it. I notice that when I consolidate I have the option of un-checking the button for "relinking" so that it apparently skips this and makes the process a little faster. But anyway, what exactly is happening when it "relinks" the already consolidated clips? And of what use to me are the "candidate" clips? Is it okay/safe for me to just skip that process and just send the consolidated version of the package to the Isis?


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Well...we're still on Unity with an "upgrade" to ISIS pending but our experience is this:

There is the way AVID is supposed to talk with Unity and there is the way it actually talks with Unity.

The way I understand it's supposed to work:

When you have video (often from multiple sources as you describe) that doesn't get checked into your storage....or isn't completely checked in....or somehow fails to check in...or if you fail to check in....(you get the idea)....Being notified of "relink candidates" is letting you know that not all your stuff has been properly catalogued and you run the risk of having some of your media labelled as "disassociated" and may be subject to deletion if your media management protocol calls for it.

The reality (as we know it) of how it works:

Avid and Unity (and ISIS as well perhaps?) do a less than exemplary job of communicating with each other accurately. SO.......you may have done everything perfectly right as far as checking in everything and you will STILL get this bin of "relink candidates". Bottom line for us has been: Make sure everything is consolidated, checked in and associated with a sequence and you can ignore the "avid relink candidates".

That's been our understanding for a number of years.....that's how we deal with it....and we've had no issues. (enough of a disclaimer?)