Weather and the fair


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It was a slow night so we shot and edited this before being sent of breaking news. Looking back I wish I had shot the interviews differently but I liked the rest of it, thoughts, comments and suggestions ALWAYS welcome!

Latin Lens

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Okay...not bad. I like how you already critiqued yourself in the sense that you pointed out you would have done something different with the interviews. You did a good job with nat gathering and the b-roll. Interviews seemed to fit but you're right you might've been able to do something a little better with them. There was a jump cut around the 1:15 mark...avoid those. I don't know how accomodating the fair people are but I think a more active standup would've done wonders for you in this piece...either your reporter on a ride...ordering/receiving food...anything to have put a little more movement and maybe if a "purchase" is made that's where track could be brought in to talk about revenue and the hit the vendors are taking. So you set up the piece with low attendance because of weather...but the real impact is with the vendor trying to make a living but its hard cuz the numbers are down. The standup helps bridge the two in the same story...just something to think about next time. I also would've like to have seen a little more reax from the clouds in the sky that seemed present. Those little nat sots can add some "color" to the piece...the salt and pepper that spice it up and gives a more human, natural reaction to the moment. But nice job. Keep experimenting and you're doing solid work.