Use of Gopro in Sandusky Stakeout

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I saw this shot of Sandusky that I guess is him walking into court. Its an AP photo by Gene J Puskar (I want to make sure I give him credit). I noticed the 2 GoPros on the right of the frame. Is anyone part of this media circus. I am curious to know how they are using the GoPros for this.

zac love

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I'd like to hear too if anyone knows. I'm guessing maybe one video, one timelapse? If it is the Hero2, maybe different FOV one wide one medium / narrow.

I think the other thing of note is the two DSLRs on arms (tripod). I rarely see a still camera mounted to anything, they're always handheld. So someone is definitely doing something here.


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I've heard of people mounting them on the lens hood of their camera in scrums so that they have a super wide shot of the action while they're shooting tights.