The Future of Video Editing?

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I teach television production at Illinois State University. I was pushed to transition from Avid to Final Cut Pro (6/7) when I came here. I am now considering the next move. I would like to advance in a direction that will fit our workflow, but I also want to serve the needs of jobs that are out there. To help get a feel for how the industry is trending, I have created a survey with questions about how people are moving. My hope is that this survey will help everyone who trains students.

I would like to get feedback from as many video professionals as possible. Please take a quick minute to fill out this survey, and also please pass it along to anyone who works in the industry. Feel free to share the link on other forums or social media:

Bob Carroll

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The link to the survey is broken.

If you are training journalist, use AVID. I used AVID at every station I edited news. Students will need more skills if you are training them for editing in commercial production. Production editors need training in Photoshop, After Effects and probably Maya.

Editors in all aspects of broadcasting are being asked to do more. Today's editor needs to be skilled at making graphics as well as solid editing skills.
I was Media100 and then FCP. THis year I have learned VEGAS and just downloaded an EDIUS 6.5 trial. I know FCP7 like the back of my hand, but it isn't being developed anymore. It could decide to stop working. We are a reseller and have a great relationship with Sony and Adobe as well.

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We use Vegas 10 and 12 in our cutsuite. We have been using Vegas since version 3... My housemate wrote the user manual for version 4, so its been a natural progression.

Ive found Vegas to be pretty intuitive and easy to use.

I also have Edius 6.5 but find it too complex to use. Im a cammo, and editor. I just need to be able to edit stuff, not spend hours trying to do a simple task.