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.....from Avid Newscutter XP (you read correctly, XP), to Edius 6 next week. Just went through two 4 hour training sessions.

Any helpful hints out there on how to make it less painful?


Necktie Boy

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Just remember the basic keyboard commands that have been used for decades.

I>In O>Out Space bar> Play/Stop J>Rewind K> Stop L> Play/ Fast Forwad

The rest will come along.

2 Hungry Dogs

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Probably at least another 4 hour training session and lots and lots of editing. Not to be a smarta$$ but that's what it takes.

When i switched from Avid to FCP I hired a trainer for a one on one all day session. He was also available for a long time after that by phone and email for questions.

It was worth every penny. I'm assuming you know how to edit. You need to train your brain and your fingers on the way the Edius thinks, and untrain it on how Avid thinks. The more you do it the easier it will get, so do as much editing as soon as you can.

Necktie Boy

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Avid is a strange animal compared to FCP, PP, or any other editing software. It always takes me a day to remember to use Avid software.

You will be okay. I bounce between all three editing softwares, a few consumer ones.