Super bowl!

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Okay...another great job here on this one. Couple things though and this goes back to my comment in another post about the use of a soundbite underneath some of your nat intros...because this is the case where one was needed just to help get us into the story. Coupled with the opening shot and nats of the working pizzeria...a quick sot about how long they've been there or having them say their business name and the corner they reside on....something like that to help give us context and helps "intro" the story a little better. Also...I am still hearing some rough audio edits...the time it takes to fade is minimal and will make and have a tremendous better effect on your stop with the rough audio!!!! hahahaha. Also I know you can't do much for what the business is like but I woulda tried to stay away from those windows as much as I could or I woulda used them to my advantage and gotten some silohuette type shots. It didn't take away from content but to a seasoned photog/chief looking to nitpick it gets to be a distraction if you see it too much throughout the story and I feel that outside light could been seen just a little too much. Anyways...great active standup...good reporting...and nice tie with the patriots player.