Story Telling Editors v. Whizbang Graphics Kids


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Interesting dilemma in my career.

I know what my strengths are and I am looking for clients that want editors that can tell a story with sound bites and natural sound. I have heard from my clients here in Lost Wages that we are few and far between, but so is the work.

I have decent skills in Motion and Photoshop and less in After Effects but the producers I work love the fact that I can sift there hours of footage and "find" the story.




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What you are describing is the listening (or watching) part of story telling. Too often now people think an effect or whiz bang graphic can replace story elements.

Our shop as an example: We will miss the whole meat of the story but there will be 25 swooshing banners and flip wipes and moving graphics to distract the viewer into thinking they actually watched something. It's all noise. Local news has become porn without the benefit of nudity. (Morning weather excluded)

Good luck! :). A good editor is always worth three or four whiz bangers.