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My Sony PMW-EX3 was stolen in Somerville Massachusetts on Saturday night.

The serial number of my stolen Sony EX-3 is 105756.

The serial number of the battery that was on it is 0102161.

I've reported it to the State Police and the Somerville PD. I was shooting elements for a documentary about a Somerville cop so they are sympathetic. There is a record of it that apparently all the PDs in MA have access to.

I've called all the camera and pawn shops in the area that I can think of. I've been checking Craig's List and e-bay regularly, and I also posted the serial numbers on several film and video related sites all over the net.

I've already called the insurance company to file a claim, but I haven't had a chance to talk to the adjuster yet. Any advice on dealing with them? I'm sure they're going to to every thing they can to avoid paying me.

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I can only speak to my one time dealing with the insurance company and it was very fast and easy. The adjuster called me back, I told her what happened (fell and snapped my wide angle lens into 3 pieces). She asked for the serial numbers, and I sent her that and a couple pictures of what was left.

Within a week I had a check.

A freelancer here in Atlanta had his entire van stolen at knifepoint in his driveway. It took months for him to get it all sorted out. His insurance company was not one that deals with a lot of tv/film stuff, and thus he went through a lot of wrangling on the values of things. Instead of just writing him a check, he had to go out and find the exact gear, buy it and get a check for for it.

The big determination will be if you have replacement cost or value coverage. Replacement means you get the amount needed to replace the camera, value means they'll set a price for the age, and condition of the stuff, then pay you that amount. You should have those figures, and their sources, ready when talking to the adjuster. It should speed it up. Once they come to a value and amount to pay out, you should get paid pretty fast.

Most companies that deal with cameras and such are going to pretty much just pay it out, and depending on the size of the claim, either raise your rate or drop you. The record of you filing a claim will go into a database, so if you switch insurance companies, they'll know about it. Mine got raised $1800 more a year, but my agent (at Buell Insurance) sent them a cancellation notice, they then negotiated it down to a $500/ year increase. I suggest go ahead and start shopping for another insurance company, as when renewal comes, if they decide to drop you, you'll be prepared.


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Which insurance company do you use?

Mine was one Beacon, then the accounts got sold to Hannover.

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I have been with CNA for awhile now. I had a claim and they raised my rate quite high. My agent at Buell (Don, who is no longer there) got a lower quote from another company (Hartford), then sent a cancellation to CNA, with a request to beat the Hartford quote.They did.

I know how you feel waiting....the thought that the insurance adjuster is going to do anything to screw you. truth is, at least on this type insurance-they just want to process it, get it done and move on. In the scheme of things, the amount involved is very low.


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When I had my claim, dealing with insurance on my gear was the easiest thing, actually. Having to deal with Nationwide on my truck and the Atlanta PD was worse than having everything stolen to begin with. I can't imagine them wanting to drop you or raise your rates THAT much over what should be a relatively small claim. But some insurance companies are not nice... After my BIG claim on my gear, the insurance company didn't drop me and in fact, let me raise my coverage.

On the personal side, I had to claim my personal belongings in my truck on my home policy. Relatively small compared to my gear, about $1000-$1200 I believe. I switched insurance companies to State Farm for home and auto after I was jerked around by Nationwide so badly. A short time later I received a letter from State Farm saying they were gonna drop my home policy because I had made a claim in the last three years(even though it wasn't with them). I had a "hear-to-heart" with the agent who in turn had one with State Farm and they relented and re-instated the policy. It's absolutely ridiculous that you can go years paying insurance premiums and never make a claim and the first time you do(and a SMALL one at that) and nobody wants to touch you.

BTW, sorry for your loss. I've been there and it is not a pleasant experience or feeling.