Sting Folo

Last week we got a late heads up that a local police department was going to do a prostitution sting and they agreed to let us come along. I shot this overnight and put it together the next morning. This was a really challenging shoot due to the late notice and lots of restrictions on what we could record. I mounted a Gopro right above my primary camera lens to have a constant wide shot. This is what I ended up with.

Latin Lens

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Michael...not too bad but it wasn't all that great either. Given the access you had I was expecting more...better video...better nat sound of the sting operation itself. Overall the structure was very poorly laid out. I shoot investigations and I understand the theory of using the best video off the top (like you guys tried) but in this case it didn't help because there was really no context to it. So the power was lost and to go from that mini intro to the start of the story was just rather odd for my taste. There was alot of cutaway, generic vid that I didn't see to help with some illustration video or to help with covering lengthy sound need to get as much as possible so you can play around with it in the edit bay. I liked how you used the GoPro on a constant wide...that was a nice technique, kudos there. I get the feeling from just watching that you seemed rushed, kinda scattered probably because alot is going on...but thats where a good plan of attack and some pre-communication with your reporter can really help. These shoot can be tough, yes, but make it easy by putting yourself in the best position possible to capture good angles and capture natsound. Nice attempt.