Soldier Funeral


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This was shot, written and edited all within an hour and a half. The hearse puled up at 4pm and we were live at 5:30. The family had asked us not to shoot the casket being removed from the car and wouldn't go on camera so we had a few obstacles to work around.Thoughts, Comments and Suggestions please!

Note: I didn't set up or run the liveshot and did not shoot the opening shot, the rest is mine.

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Well-known member you're faced with an obvious challenging time and some video restrictions...had you not told about the casket thing I probably wouldn't have noticed because you did some really nice things to help cover up that fact. Not sure if you had a planned laid out or not but you put together something nice and obviously made it more interesting with your use of some visuals and nats. Kudos on getting something more out this and putting together a nice report. Good effort, nice job.


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That was a very nice quick turn! So nice in fact I would have rather seen some of the time lost setting up the live shot put into a standup with riders, service members or even the daffodils. You would have crushed it. It's always hard explaining to housecats it would be better without the live shot. Very nice piece.

I grew up in the area, Yoders, Yosts and Hottles were my neigbors and classmates. Your piece was likely highly regarded in those circles. Nice job.