"Safe Title" on LCD T.V.s


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I always thought that "safe title" only applied to CRT television sets. I thought that like a computer screen, the full raster would appear on LCD t.v.s. Imagine my surprise when I was testing a DVD and discovered that indeed the normal safe title rules applied. Had to go back and redo my titles.

Necktie Boy

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Widescreen CRT are 16:9 and LCD's are 16:10. I have an older CRT widescreen television. While watch TV on the CRT TV, I was losing edge information. Watching TV on the computer with a TV card, I could see a tad more picture. The only reason I noticed it was some wings were being cut off. I read the computer monitor manual and found out it was 16:10

Another fun fact. If you have TW cable, your picture is shifted about 10 pixels to the left. It's across the country.