Rebuilding, Story and Myself.

Latin Lens

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Hey James...not too bad. You did a nice job of getting some nice shots and creative interview framing but for what it ended being is rather weak but I think its more on the storytelling end more than anything. Its a hard to tell a complete story with just an empty building and no natural sound. So you needed to help spice it up by making it more interesting than it really is. You do that by letting the reporter and subject walk around and talk about design or plans about what they might do here or there with questions sprinkled in. That gives you variety...possible nats walking around...quick nat sots to use throughout. I am not going to say you took the easy way out because a lot of younger or inexperienced storytellers will see what you saw...but its a challenge to think about what you're about to get into to try and get the most out of it and to tell a more complete story. Your reporter needs to work with you and help you out as well. Team effort. When shooting think sequences along with wide, medium, tight...but also think of close, further back, and kinda far away with your feet to get more variety in your shooting from multiple locations physically with your camera and eye. Keep trying. You have a good eye but you need to get more out of the story itself so we can really test your skills as a photog and editor. Good luck.