Problem w/ Quicktime MPEG2 & FCP

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I was asked to edit a piece from a Quicktime that's in the MPEG 2 format.

The problem came when I tried to import the MPEG 2 file into FCP. The video played fine but the audio wasn't present. I opened the file in Quicktime and the audio was present so I don't know what happened.

I was able to work around it by playing the Quicktime file through my system and the Mackie mixer to my Beta deck with good, clean audio. From there, I was able to capture the audio back in and I frame matched it without much problem so the immediate problem has been solved. However, the issue still remains, why didn't FCP import the audio audio portion of the MPEG 2 file in the first place and what can I do to prevent this from happening again?



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The MPEG2 was likely a transport stream file which has the video and audio multiplexed together. Quicktime knows how to play it. You would need to do an export of the audio and video as separate tracks and then bring them into FCP. Use MPEG Streamclip, a free application to split it apart for dragging into FCP.



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If you are useing FCP Studio you shouldn't need streamclip because you have QuickTime Pro.

Just export it out from there as a Dv/NTSC 720x480 (or your preferred size and codec) Note H264 won't play in fcp

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Upgrade to Final Cut Pro HD (4.5) It's a free upgrade from any version of Final Cut Pro 4 or 4.1 or whatever. I'd get MPEG Streamclip too though, it's a good program and can do a lot of things......I've used it a couple times to do things that I wasn't able to do in's great at converting files, muxing and demuxing MPEG-2's and even does a good job of scaling up video footage.