PR Festival aftermath


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Rochester holds one of the largest ethnic festivals in the city. The Puerto Rican festival is peaceful but as soon as it ends it turns violent. To let you know, I'm the nightside photog 3:15-1115 so I got all the cop video and the crowds acting up. I edited the story but didn't shoot the presser with the chief or the organizer. I wanted to edit it because I knew where all the good video was.

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Way to be johnny-on-the-spot and trying to get the good video of the aftermath. My crititque really has an issue with the structure. I think you guys might have been better served to start with the actual parade/festival (only because we can get the sense of the amount of people) and then get into what happens afterward. It'll help with the obvious day to night video issue. I think some of the nats were a little too abrupt...trying fading them in and out so they're a little more clean sounding and not so much as an cut. I know it can get crazy in those situations...but try and still shoot sequences so you can edit sequences...the obvious b-roll was missing...tights of cops faces...hands on batons...etc. I know its asking a lot sometimes but you still gotta worry and about getting good video in a high tension environment. Not too shabby.