Peacocok capture nat pkg


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Peacocks in this once quiet neighborhood, have become a problem. We covered the story for several days with residents complaining to the city to get rid of these beautiful but loud and destructive birds. The day I shot this, my reporter was on vacation. I didn't find out until after I shot the story, that it was to be a nat pkg.


All critiques appreciated, I rarely get to shoot nat pkgs anymore.

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Thats a bit of a challenge to find out after the fact that the story you just shot is going to be a natpkg...I would think you would need to know that info going in so you can attack that better. Given wasn't so bad...but had you known going in it could and should have been much better. You did well getting good was a little slow at times...Just try and get more wides, mediums, help in editing...the more you got when you sit down to edit the more you can help keep it visually entertaining and interesting. This was okay in my book...not bad, good effort.
For something that was found out after the fact, you seemed to have everything in tact! Seeing this, I wonder how it would've been had you have known ahead of time...

For me, it's always tight shots.. There can never be too many of them. For me, it's that way even on VOSOTs.

Good work!


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Thanks for the critiques. I've been in a bureau now for 3 1/2 years. I miss bouncing suggestions off of other photogs. Right now, I am so run and gun with 3 or 4 pkgs in our shift, I've lost some of my creative edge, just to be able to get the pkg edited in the 15 or 20 min I've had to cut corners. I'm not complaining, it's what the business is at my station. Don't miss slot and Git-er-dun.

Thanks again, and I'll try and put your suggestion to use.