P2 Files Not Stitching Together Properly

I've recently encountered an issue with recording long interviews and am curious if anyone else has experienced the same. Shooting on a HPX-500, and only encounter the issue when an interview spans across multiple cards. Editing with Premiere, and when I import the file it won't stitch the files together. Typically I use Media Browser to import, but no matter which file I select I can't get the whole interview to ingest.

What's truly weird... Sometimes I import it in just fine and start logging soundbites, but if I exit the program and reopen, the file won't play back properly. It's hard to explain, but let's say the interview is an hour long. When I open the file the first time, it shows the full hour long interview. But if I close and reopen, it will only show a portion of the interview (say 5 or 10 minutes), but the rest is just a still of the last recorded frame of the file. My only solution so far to this problem is to open FCP X and transcode to ProRes. After that, I'm good.

And now I'm also trying to prevent the problem by only recording one card at a time as much as possible... Just briefly stop the interview to switch cards out. That's fine for interviews, but occasionally we shoot long concerts, and that won't be possible.

Anyway, I know this is a rather specific problem, but just curious if any of you have encountered this.