P2 and pool feeds


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We just switched over to P2 and I was wondering how people are doing pool feeds to P2. We 170's and 370's, neither of which record external video via bnc.


Necktie Boy

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External recorders. Ki Pro, Nano, or a firewire converter with a laptop for capture. You didn't say if the pool feed was HD or SD, or via SDI. That will determine what to use.


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The camera is great in so many ways buy for pool it falls short. 2 solutions: 1) arrive first and always be the pool. 2) bring a deck or other recording device.

Again, great camera and platform but certain situations, like pool, will leave you wanting.


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We use Canopus transcoders firewired into our field laptops captured by Avid Newscutter XP onto an external hard drive.


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We have 3 stations in town and I arranged a meeting with all 3 news directors to see if we could play nice together. We all shoot on P2 and 16:9 while one station shoots HD. The HD station agreed to shoot in 16:9 SD to make things easy. We just pass around a card to everybody every hour or so and just offload frequently. Also shooting TOD timecode should make things easy for reporters to log as they just need to look at their watch.