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Okay...not bad. Good effort. I guess the challenge here was you were in a rush...and when you're in a rush you can overlook little things that can make a big difference. First off from the video thumbnail I knew I was gonna get some nats and I did...great job getting the sound but I think you missed some easy shots or maybe your angle was off so we couldn't get to see the best shot. I would have loved to have seen some really ultra tight shots of that needle going in...its hard when pressed for time but I think you could have gotten it here...but again when you're rushing you're overlooking the obvious. I didn't understand the standup at first was kinda confusing by the wording...its difficult to go from loud to quiet unless you transition better...or use the same context but have her walking or demonstrating in the sewing room and maybe you're shooting thru some spools of thread or something...think of those things so its not so jarring. Overall its pretty good...some minor tweaks and it would've been a little better but you're putting forth effort which I like. Keep at it.


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thanks again for the feedback! I appreciate you taking a look! Its always cool to have some look at my stuff that isn't associated with it in anyway thanks again for tearing it apart....i'll keep posting!