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I tried doing this conversion in compressor, but I cant' set the bitrate past 20 mb/sec. Here is what the client told me:

The test file was rejected. Please take a look at the client’s response below.

Here is the technical report for the latest Into the Drink test file:
First of all we should say that this sort of materials doesn’t fit us for full HD broadcasting. There are several reasons for that:
1) The bitrate has to be 50Mbit/s CBR. In your test file it’s just 20 Mbit/s.
2) Frame rate has to be 50i (25fps) but in your file you have 29,9fps
3) Video has a lot of picture trembling, and the playback is accompanied by numerous frame losses. It could be because of wrong conversion settings.

I am thinking that I can't do this in Final Cut or Compressor?

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Go to Easy Setups in FCP and select PAL under the FORMAT drop down, then the appropriate settings for you project under the USE drop down. Now drop your NTSC footage onto the time line. DO NOT CHANGE SEQUENCE SETTINGS TO MATCH CLIP.

The output file should be correct.