Nat Pack Attack

Finally, I get a chance at nat soung packages.

Out of nowhere, my assignment editor sent me on a story knowing it would be fun... and that I'd like it.

My first crack at a GoPro... This one was chock full of moments.

This one actually had more substance. I had to rely on edits to keep it flowing. It took longer to edit than I had hoped for.



Latin Lens

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Oobleck (?) story- I think a bit of a step back was taken here but I think its because you introduced a new piece of equipment to your arsenal. First...your audio seemed all over the place...some crisp...some hard to you need to develop a better consistency. I know the advantages of using a GroPro...and I don't think it was fully used or effectively used in this instance. You'll learn and get better. I think you also really need to concentrate more on the storytelling aspect...get a better story and everything will follow. Be a little more "johhny-on-the-spot" so you can get the cute nats of the students making more react sound to the "gross" or "weird" or "check this out"...also you needed to collect some info on the obsurdity of the event..."Can you believe you're learning science by jumping into a kiddie pool?"...that sort of question will give some good quick answers to sprinkle. Remember to not forget place and time...more wide shots, or more distant shots so I can see where in the world I am and to give some perspective on space they are using and just more variety to work your edits.

Latin Lens

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Walking Guy-You are correct in thinking that this story had more did but I think as a storyteller this is challenging because you really needed to fine tune a lot of his long-winded soundbites. Basically he talked too much which is hard for you to edit unless you cut him off and edit faster to move the piece along quicker. You need a lot of video to do this type of piece...more in and out walking...more far away walking towards or away...more tights...more focus tricks...anything and everything to get it interesting and moving visually and editing wise. Too bad there was no interaction with passersby because this piece was begging for it...anything to help change it up about his mission or purpose. Remember to get various cutaways outside the scope of him...the name of street he's walking on...people peeking outside the window to see what's going on...anything to help add the variety. Keep working at it...small steps.