more of my work.


Here are a couple more stories. I am trying to take a deep look at my photography and story telling. What can I do to improve and attain that next level.




Latin Lens

Well-known member I watched your stories. I don't feel the need to critique each one just for the fact that they all kinda appear to be about the same and what I say for one can probably be said for all. I can tell you have some have a good photog eye in certain seem to put yourself in the best for position for sights and sounds which is really good. But I think the fall off from all that comes with the presentation...I am going to assume just by watching the final product you are not communicating constantly with your reporter about the story and how to build a structure to put forth a good story...these stories are about average. So how can you make them better...well first communication. Talk about the story on the way to the shoot...find out what the gist of the story is...and start thinking of ideas to attack when you get there. On the way about what you got...what nats you got so the reporter can use them effectively. The reason I say this is because I see alot of jumpcuts from intro of people to soundbite...which needs to not happen. Avoid either adding an edit or working with the reporter track to transition better. Its a team effort...and has to in order for the best possible story to appear as well as getting an interesting angle or character to profile the story around. Maybe this is a new approach so they'll be a learning curve...but a story gets a begining, middle to an you put it together is the fun part.