Marshall Training for PGA championship

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Finally got around to this...sorry was a busy week. I actually saw this the other day and got about 30 secs in...then I watched the whole thing again and still have the original feeling I had...I guess from the title I was figuring it would have been a little more actiony. I was expecting marshalls to be the ones doing stuff instead of hearing a guy talk about it while moving from hole to hole. But given what it is I think you might've been better off using the limited action and providing your own...using the group moving from hole to hole to setup the next topic. You might have been better served by shooting a little more creatively...from behind trees...thru the crowd to the speaker just to jazz it up a little because with the actually training it could get boring so keep the entertainment factor up by shooting b-roll thats appealing to the eye. Stand up was a little weird...maybe the timing was off...but I think if you're going to go that far you might a well try and go as far as you can...borrow a club and start the standup at the tee and the reporter hitting the ball...cut to where it lands and finish up the stand up with relevant info. Thats a little more active than throwing a ball...or you can even have some hit the ball instead and reporter playing marshall on the tee...whatever you need to do to add some creativity and get the reporter more involved...some stations and managers love that but you gotta know how to be effective with it. So not to bad but there's room for improvement on it.