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The market info section is woefully out of date. Some of is at least three years old and is a disservice to any newbie who might actually use it for planning purposes. Maybe the last update could be dated so at least the reader would know how realiable the data is. Just a thought.


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The only thing that changes is the where the DMA gets ranked. It's not like the salaries really change. :mad:


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Hey Pinecone... good to see you on the forum!

You have a good point. I'm gone through and corrected the DMA numbers for the markets - so their now up to date. Unfortunately, the other info is dependent on submissions from b-rollers.

If everyone goes to: and looks up their station. You can correct any outdated info right there. It's anonymous - so be honest with us.

Your "last-updated" idea is good - but that would take some programing... let me see about that...