Looking for file conversion software


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Has anyone got any recommendations for software that will convert multimedia files to a format that our AVID will accept ? I'm always encountering strange file formats from mobilephones, handycam hard drives and the such. For example, I'm talking about the MOD files on a JVC handycam hard drive, and of course the 3GP mobilephone files.

Currently I'm using a collection of programs to cover the wide variety of file formats ... Aieesoft's MOD video converter, GSpot, Quicktime Pro, AVS Video Converter, plus a few others that escape my memory at this time.

The files which give me the biggest grief are the CCTV security camera hard drive recorders, where each manufacturer seems to use his own unique CODECS.

Dan R.

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Try MPEG Streamclip. It's freeware and there have been very few files that it hasn't been able to load for me.