Any insight on the radiation these things emit? Ive heard of a few shops refusing to use them for health reasons. People have said its like having 10 cell phones going at once. I cant imagine its a good idea to stand near one of these things. I wouldn stand in the direct line of sight of Sat dish...


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It's a few laptop cell connections slapped together so the bandwidth can be pooled. We've been using them for two years and have had up to three at one time in the field. I am sure it's less radiation than a Sat Truck dish and no I do not strap the back pack to my waste either.

Great tool. Not THE end all solution to... "x" Weighs almost as much as my hotpod. It's back to the future---I am tethered to a 3/4 inch!

Most practical use: travel in the USA. Our sports guy and photographer can send back packages and be live anywhere there is a cell signal.