just a quick everyday


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HEre's a quick everyday turn something we all do on a daily basis, I was hoping the guy would be more animated on camera but he kind of froze up other than that I thought it turned out well for no scene video


Latin Lens

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Dude...pretty good job on this. First off your pizza interview wasn't properly white balanced with the rest of the video...that's not a mistake that should happen at this stage of the game for you. So be careful and do the small things religously to avoid those kinds of rookie mistakes. You've always been good at gathering nats and using effectively but I think in some cases and this is one of them you need to expand a little bit more and start adding some quick nat sots to really help draw us in either as an open or transition to another location, time, place. I would have liked to hear something about the shop or the pizza as you used the nats and track. It helps to add those things to have a bigger impact on the why we should care...are they really the best in the city or have they been there a long time...anything to help add some spice with the nats to just help jazz it up. Your a dayturn with was pretty solid...but if you wanna make it a little better just infuse a little bit more of some advanced techniques (shooting and editing) and your stuff will look way better. Nice job.