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Hello all,

I launched an iOS app to assist photographers in establishing live shots and reporting their geolocational information to their station. It's called LiveShotBuddy.

I recently earned a second degree in computer science and I am leaving news. This app is my first published program, which I built for myself. I decided to adjust it for all news photographers and deploy it for iOS.

The app is located in the App Store and is free. Since it is a resume piece, downloads and great ratings are appreciated.


App Store:

If you have any questions, or need help with setup, you can contact me through b-roll or the website.

Why would you want to use this? Imagine reducing the amount of time to tune a live shot to under a minute. When you are in a time crunch, imagine the ability to never have to deal with phone calls asking, "where is your location again?" Imagine a way to mark locations in the field and share it with the assignment desk for later use.

What this app doesn't do:
Automatically tune in your live shots. It only gives directional assistance.
Continuously monitor your location. You send reports at will.
Call out for lunch. Sorry, no help there.

I hope it helps you as much as it helps me. Thanks!


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Even though its not something I would ever need, congratulations on getting it launched and I hope it does well and leads to other things for you.


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I see a few of you folks from the same station are setting your apps up already. Keep in mind that the way the system is set up, only one person has to do all of the setup work. They can then publish their data and everyone who works in the same shop can just duplicate their data.

To accomplish this, make sure you fill out the live units, sites, phone number, emails, etc... just the way you want it. Then go to Settings > Update Account and flip the "Publish Data" switch. You will have to enter a passcode for others to use to access that data. You can use whatever, this isn't supposed to be tightly secure, it just keeps random folks from getting your data. We use something commonly known by all photographers in our shop.

Now anyone from your shop can select your data in the station menu and enter the passcode to download your setup. Big time saver for everyone.


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Version 1.2 is now live. I added a shot tracking feature that monitors a history of successful and failed live shot attempts for a station. A chief photographer no longer has to worry about trying to track all the possible live shot locations around town. A map is available to view all the recorded live shots for your station in the app.


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I released version 1.3. Some memory issues were cleaned up. The directional arrow is a bit smarter. Also, an issue with users partially signing up was patched.