How often do you use a matte box?


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I have on old Bogen 4Matt matte box, it is a clip on, it's kind of cheap and I am looking for something better. How often do people here use a matte box?

Tv Shooter

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I have a Movcam MB 1. Since I use it with various cameras/lenses, I have the black cloth instead of various step down rings.

Polarizes, nd and nd grads are mostly what ride in in it.


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Cool, I have the rails, which I use with a handle grip esp. on C300 and F55, and use my Tilta rig with that, has a Fotga matte box. Also have the rails mount on my HDX900. Don't use filters too much, but sometimes for older people and polarizers if outside all day.
I use one without any filters when I want to look like a serious DP. I am being sarcastic but I've seen some posers who are most likely using one for this very reason. I saw a guy who is likely a sit-down DP that was hired to do run-and-gun ENG work. He was struggling with the size of his rig hand-held smacking his empty matte box on chairs, tables, columns, and people.

My matte box is used when I need the additional hood to control glare. This is necessary when using my Letus lens adaptor since the prime lenses don't have shades. As for filters I've used polarizers and Pro Mist filters. Have yet to use grads.


I use a matte box on my Sony EX3.

In my mind, it does make the camera look better.

But I actually use it because it keeps lens flares off my images better than the standard lens shade which came with the camera.

I have the 15mm rails which help me when I add a few other things to the camera...but that is rare.

I also rarely use the polarized filter...but it's there for the two or three times I have wanted it.

Is the matte box worth the expense?

I got mine at a good price. Much less than many pay.

I never take it off the camera. No reason to because it does not get in my way no matter what I'm shooting...unless I want to use my wide angle adapter.

I don't usually have the Nano Flash recorder on the camera, but...bottom line for matte box is worth the extra expense and I don't mind if some think I only have it on to impress others.

It impresses me just fine with what it does. ;)


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Fotga makes some affordable ones, but Filmtools or B&H are your best bet. I got my Fotga from Amazon.


PROAIM MB-600 Matte Box....effective yet small piece of gear..

A matte box is a essential accessory to the camera and its lens. It attaches to the end of camera lens and allows the person to prevent the light to affect the clarity of the video.

Matte boxes are generally used to protect the leans from getting in contact with direct sun light. A matte box helps you minimize the consequences of moving your camera around an environment.


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20% of my shoot require one, 20% of the time one is thrown in as a "dog and pony show", and the other 60% of the time it sits in a Pelican case.

Ben Longden

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I use it all the time
Mine is a Cavision bellows mattebox.

The bellows mean you can dial in the sun/drizzle protection needed (relative to focal length) and its there ALL the time.

It also holds the Hot Mirror filter Im using (for some reason my colour is now spot on)

Aaand it also acts as a lens protector.


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Eh, I usually just use a lens shade, never for a dog and pony show, I'm very practical, if I'm not using filters, it's NOT on there, unless I have a crazy lens flare and no flags.