Fujinon Technical Services in Dallas is Awesome


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I went to Fuji today and can't say enough good things about the technicians there. They gave me a new cable and put it on my 2/3 inch lens at no charge (the old one got pulled out and frayed)

They are also giving me a free estimate to fix the servo creep on my 1/3 inch Fujinon.

I highly recommend them for any lens work. We also had an interesting conversation about camera formats. They said that they are still working primarily on 2/3 inch lenses, but have noticed a fair bit more of PL mount lenses coming in.


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That's actually who I use, too. There has only been one time, I believe, that I did not send one of my Fuji lenses to TX for either yearly clean & check's or service and it was an emergency during an NAB week when no one was there.

Louis and his staff(I believe the other tech is Santiago) are great, but I think the secret has gotten out, because they seem a lot busier than when I first started using them.