Fire breaker


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this isn't much a critique but honestly i loved it! The only thing I may have changed was the back of the lady's head during the interview....once could be ok but twice was just a tad too much. But what a great pkg! Hold long did you have to shoot/edit and were you by yourself or did you have a reporter with you? Again, great job!

ps loved the water coming out of the hose with the firefighter probably my favorite shot....looked like you used your shutter for it too....


Thanks, I appreciate it. I shot the peice in about an hour (not consecutively) I had to shoot tid bits here and there between my evening show hits. I edited the PKG in a little over an hour for the eleven oclock.

Latin Lens

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Cody...great piece. I would just say some of your nat pops just need a little more underneath the track or sot before they become full but I understand that with a spot/breaking news piece it tends to happen. Just a small observance. I guess I had more trouble with the reporters track voice more than had great urgency and energy and if his voice/track would have complimented that it would have been even better. Your video, sound made this piece. Excellent job.