FCP question about importing

Wheatstone Bridge

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Have a 16 x 9 HD clip but although Sys .settings are set to HDV10801 60 the clips still comes in as a 4 X 3 clips . .. any suggestions ?



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Hey Wheatstone,
It would be easier to answer your posts if you added more detail...
What format is the clip you're importing? Are you file/importing it or log and capture and/or transfer? Does the metadata show it was imported in the correct format..i.e, does it look right until it goes on the timeline? Are you setting the system settings before creating a project/timeline?

zac love

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There is a little "anamorphic" check box that you can see in the bin, if there is no check mark, click the empty space & it should go to 16:9. You usually have to scroll right through the properties to find it. That is most likely your culprit.

Chicago Dog

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There's a small "gotcha" in FCP that will lead you to think your settings are not correct. Fortunately, it's easy to fix.

1. Find the three buttons on the top middle of the Viewer monitor and the Canvas monitor windows.

2. The first button on the left will have a percentage indicator in it. Click it.

3. You'll get a drop-down menu with an array of percentage values. At the bottom of the list, click "Correct for Aspect Ratio."

That should help out. You may want to mess with a few other values in that same drop-down in order to get the display to work properly.

(I just noticed this question is four months old. Why was this dredged up?)