FCP: Adding more chroma?


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I was concerned about contrast issues to I set my DVX 100A for Cinegama and Cinamatrix to shoot this piece. What I didn't realize until it was too late was that while I had streached the gama curve as much as I could with the camera, I had sacrificed chroma.

Please have a look at it. I'd love to hear suggestions for pumping up the color with out huring the image.

Batwa Pygmies.

By the way; I produced, shot, wrote, and eited it by my self.
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Alaska cameradude

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Have you tried applying the Color Corrector 3 way filter and bumping up the saturation? Make sure and monitor this on a calibrated monitor and use your built in scopes when you do this to keep the chroma legal.

Necktie Boy

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Or you can go the easy way and use the ProAmp filter......
And by the way, if the version of FCP is 5.1, the scope does work and the Broadcast Safe filter also works.....