Editing package

Since I am not working in TV anymore I haven't played with the latest and greatest non linear editor software.

Anyway, being the company I work for likes to do everything in house, They want to produce a series of training videos, as well as some videos to give to perspective clients.

Anyway they looked into getting the production department to do them, but they were booked.

So in a meeting a let my big mouth slip that I use to be a photog.

So anyway this has now become my project.

I have a good prosumer MINIDV camera to use, and I already have a light kit, mics and accesories.

But I don't have any editing package.

My laptop does and the camera have a firewire port.

I really don't have any experience in non lin, as I have been out of the biz so long tape to tape was the state of the art.

Anyway need some recomendations for a good easy to use editing package. Main things I need are good effects, character generator, and that's pretty much it

Tom Servo

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Get Premiere Pro. It's robust, but easy to use. Solid effects, and the included CG is just fine.

There's a learning curve, but then there'll be a curve with any editing software.


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What type of laptop mac or pc? This will help dertermine, if you are going to use this just one time I would just get Avids Free DV, but check the specs for codecs and camera use, it is free and is stripped down.

If the company is going to reimburse....get what you want...my choice is FCPHD, but you have to have a Mac old or new.

Check out some of the other threads here in the editing catagory there is a lot of chatter about he pro's and cons of what we all use.

Do some research for sure. Heck, maybe you can simply use what your using there at work, which would be best for them...or at least the project itself.

Good luck

Necktie Boy

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Avid Free DV is striped down pretty good....Only two tracks of video and audio come with it. I don't remember looking at the CG. It does have the hardest learning curve since it comes with no manual.
If you plan to get back into editing, you should break down and buy one. You are investing in yourself.