Doc in LA


I Am a norwegian photograper - going to Los Angeles to shoot part of a documentary.

I hope you can help me navigate the do's and dont's of filming in USA.

We are going to follow a team of Norwegians. Mainly on a univercity campus, but we also want to film them as they move around in LA.

Where do I need permits, and where is it okey to film without.

I need general advice, since we dont know exactly what they are going to do.

We are only two people in the crew. Working as light as possible.

I am thankful for anything you can tell me :)


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If on private property you should notify the the university public relations office and explain what you are doing. If it is a public school (the UC system, the CSU system, or community colleges) then any public place such as outside of buildings and in public gathering areas is considered public. Inside classrooms or offices is private or semi-private. In any case you may need to ask if you need a property release for a documentary. Not too sure off that.

The big thing is audio - California is a single party consent state, so any audio recorded must be okay with every person in a group. permits, I'll let those higher up the food chain explain. My take is small operations don't need permits unless they are obstructing or creating issues. But I could be wrong.