Dichroic filter for Lowel DP light


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Anyone use the dichroic filter outside?

Wondering how it would work as a key shone through a small 1/4 stop silk, with my large scrim jim silk as an over-head, and my Bron 200w HMI as a back light??

I will have to do a lighting test soon in my backyard. I'll post the results probably Friday or this weekend...


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I have used the Lowell dichroic filters for years. Nice warm hues in daylight. (my opinion) The Lowell Omni dichroic fits on my old Mole Richardsons perfectly. Until we bought Varsas for our trucks, that was my go to fixture. I still use them for fill and accent lights. The biggest problem is power draw of the Lowells. We have become spoiled by LED fixtures. A big reason to deploy a truck was to allow for powering the lights needed to make pretty pictures. Now with laptop editing and battery powered lights our truck fleet is seeming more and more obsolete.


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I guess it depends on how much natural light there is, overcast, sunny, where the sun is(if it's out) and if you're competing with it or working with it. Aren't the DP's 1K? You'll lose at least a stop with the dichroic plus your silk(1/4 stop silks are usually really at least 1/3 stop or slightly more).