Demo Reel Questions/Critique


This is my updated reel.

I am concern about the order of the stories and whether or not I need more spot/hard news.

I have a Sweeps piece that isn't in here that runs 4:30. Should I replace some of the daily turns with this sweeps story or would that be to long for a reel?

I also have a disclaimer on one of the stories on how I shot all the scene video, but did not edit the story. Should I keep that on there or take it off?

And any critiques on my shooting would be much appreciated. Tear it apart, I can take it.


Latin Lens

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Nate...not too bad of a reel...but I do have some issues with it. First off, here's my mindset whenever I look at someone's tape....I want to see some basic/advanced skill depending on what market they are coming from and what equipment he/she uses. I think stressing certain attributes about who you are as an overall shooter is probably the most critical. I want to see attention the top in various types of stories...get me excited to watch because the first :10-:12 is important for that reason. I did not see alot of that on your tape. Work with your reporters to build better openings. Breaking/spot news is another crucial attribute because it shows how well or creative you can be in times of stress. I liked the DUI story for that shows you're johnny on the spot and recognized a local politician on scene. Shows you're paying attention. Various forms of stories are helpful because each type shows some sort of skillset you want to highlight whether its a feature, or hard news, or an in-depth but you need to showcase your skills in those forms. Your tape is telling me you're a competent shooter...nothing that puts you in the good pile. However you do have skill that can be better utilized if you work with your reporters to get better tell a more structured story...and show that you're a creative, works well with others type. Your tape should say what you want it to...who you are as a shooter. Would these 4-5 define you or are the best representation of your skill? Ask yourself that as you build a reel.