demo reel critique

I want to get some feedback on my reels. The link takes you to a page with my photog/editor, one man band and promotions producer reels.
Currently I'm working in a Creative Services Department doing topicals. It's not what I want to be doing and I want to get back into doing more shooting, in or out of news. I'm mostly concerned with what people think of my shooting reel.

Thanks for taking a look,
Lance Johnson

Latin Lens

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Hey Lance...nice stuff. I'll let you know how I did my critique and why...and hopefully this can help you with any insight you need. I am NOT a chief but I watched it liked one and basically you watch the first :10-:20 secs to see how it shapes up...if nothing grabs me I shuttle through...find the next and repeat. So really and truly what your weakness is your order. The heat wave is your best story (out of these posted)...great nats...good solid and interesting visuals...this should be your first story. What you want to do is showcase skill. Can you shoot? Do you try and be creative? How good of an editor are you? These are questions a chief is asking himself as he/she you need to have stories that best reflect that. Like a breaking news story tells something about you that a feature story doesn't. The wider range of stories really helps you. You are a solid all-around shooter. You just need a better variety of stories to showcase yourself. I am not one to be able to critique topicals or commercial spots so I'll keep my comments to myself about that. Nice job.