"Dear A.J."


With the 1 year anniversary of the Aurora Theater shooting that changed the lives of so many. We talked to the fiance and mom of A.J. Boik, one of the people killed that night in the theater. We found how they are coping with the tragedy 1 year later. I think this is a good example of what is the best way to tell the story. I went out with a reporter on this who was ready to log everything and put a package together. After deciding to try this as a nat pack, my reporter swallowed her pride and agreed that this was the best way to tell the story, to let "them" tell the story. Agree?


Latin Lens

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Uncritiqueable...literally. This is one of the most perfect stories I've ever seen. What an unique approach. Sorry your reporter had to swallow her pride but glad she could she the bigger picture and let them tell a better story without her. Kudos to her to stand aside on this. Driver your skills have gone thru the roof since going to Denver and this piece has got to be one of the best storytells you have done. Seriously I am impressed and proud to say that I watched this. Stellar story.