Darlington Stripe Natpak


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Good Story...nice visual editing....BUT....and isn't there always a BUT....

Your audio editing needs some tweaking....not in timing but in levels.

The levels on the car nats were WAY TOO HOT....and you shouldn't hear the levels change so dramatically going from a soundbite with car nats behind it to car nats by themselves.

Let the car nats ease up...they don't necessarily have to hit the full level on the audio meter to be effective.

As for the story telling....good begining sequence. Nice way to get into the story.

The middle worked well.

The end...not so much...left me wanting more...to see a more complete job....maybe the guys finishing up....and THEN the Sunrise.

Very good effort though.
Yeah I know what you mean with sound levels. It was hard hearing it while editing in the race media room. I also would have liked to been able to stay out on the track longer but the media relations guy only gave me 20 minutes out with the painters. Tried to do the best I could with what i had to work with.

Thanks for the critique.


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I know all about the 20 minute routine an event PR person wants to give. JEEZ! I once shot a story at a supercross event and they wanted me to stop shooting after about 15 minutes. (You know, because they have such a huge TV audience that might watch our video instead. ;-)) I negotiated for more time....and I don't think the PR guy was happy with me because I think he just wanted to go home.

Latin Lens

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Nicely done Michael...cool story. I do have to agree that the race nats were way too hot...so be careful with that. I liked the setup but it lacked a transition. The race ended and the painting crew went to work...make that transition so its better to understand and to get the full "ride" from beginning to end. I think you also needed some support sound from others working just to add a little more flavor...not so much just from one guy, ya'know. You did well...just a few tweaks to make it better.