dangerous streets

Latin Lens

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This was a nice attempt...it moved well...good use of nats. The only thing weird about it was the shooting from the inside of your car (?)...I like the idea but it didn't fit with the rest of piece. I also think you need to concentrate on just a little more variation. Put yourself in a better position to get better shots, here's what I mean. Its my personal preference to see motion coming at me or moving left to right or right to left...with that said if Reading is as busy as you say in that track...then let's see some pedestrians walking around...put your camera on the ground and zoom all the way in...focus where you want but the depth and the various distance that peoples feet are moving at will be in and out of focus...it will look busy with feet coming at you and moving away but it shows a good busy scene...so be mindful of trying to capture the best video to convey visually information. Your video and sound will set the stage for the story...so get the pictures and sound to help your reporter. Nice reflection interview...that was very creative and cool...I think it could have been better with some artsy shooting to really help with variation but its a pretty good piece...nice job.