Cannon C300


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We just got a Cannon C300. It’s going to take some getting used to but I love how everything is manual… everything. Talk about a camera that is all about the operator knowing what they are doing… that’s got to be a good thing for us :)


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I'll be curious to hear what you think after a week or so, Stephen. I had a loaner recently, and am tempted to go for this one - partly to supplement my F800 on specific shoots. Or, as the main camera on some doc work.

But, mostly, it just reminds me of my early days shooting with Bell & Howells, Bolex, Scoopics, etc. Back in the day when there was more to do than powering up, white balancing and pointing ...

(Not to dis-credit much great work being done by many, regardless of the gear, but I agree with you - this might help bring back the "craft" part of the biz to some)


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I like the Canon C300, it's a great camera.

However, I was going through the menu to find the audio sampling rate, I could not find anything. From what I understand, it is only 16 bit audio. I prefer to use a double-system for sound, jam-synching the recorder to the camera and recording 24 bit 48kHz.

Would be nice if there was a firmware upgrade for 24 bit sound. But maybe I am wrong and you can change the sampling rate? Forgive me if that's the case, I was just the sound mixer on that shoot. The AC couldn't find anything in the menu with sampling rates either.


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Well not much chance to use the camera last week. Mainly we were setting up the Zacuto Stinger rig for it to go on. Mixed feelings there. Bits of the rig are genius, but other parts are just stupid for operating... i.e. the handles are out so long from the camera it just feels wrong, and unnecessarily bulky... and why for god's sake is there no quick release from the rig???
Anyway we sent back some bits, orders some other bits, mixed in some Red Rock bits and are a lot happier. Will post some photos when we get it right.