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Hate to be harsh but I apologize for the way the situation has been described but this is true so we need your respected advise:

(a) Doing live shots with an older female reporter who has a " small chin " and some sagging skin under the neckline.

(b) Where should the main lighting source should be placed for better lighting on the face ( Height & angle ) ?

(c) Which camera angle is better , higher , lower or eye level camera angle ?

Thanks very much and please feel free to add any other tips that would help to make this shot look great.


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Everyone is different but here are some generalizations.

Anyone with a second or third or more chin needs a higher angle light. This will create a shadow under the chin hopefully hiding the extra chins. Maybe angle it at around 45'll need to experiment.

With most standups or interviews I shoot at eye level. In this case you might want to get the camera a bit above eye level, again to get the main or primary chin. Not obviously high...makes them look bad.

More experimentation...find their best side and that will help you with which side the light should come in from. Faces are asymmetrical, so you probably would want the reporter to set up so their wider side is away from the they are presenting the narrower side.

Think about it. Putting the light low will create a spooky effect and show off those multiple chins starkly. Ditto with the camera being low. If you want to camouflage something using the right camera angle and light placement can work miracles.

Re camera angle. If you are looking down on a subject they appear submissive. Looking up at them, they appear dominant. Eye level makes them equal to you.
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You may also want to experiment with a bit of an angle for the shoulder back, with a bit of a heard turn towards the key light. The stretch may help, it may not.

Softer light is always your friend...but tough sometimes in live shots.