Business License?


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Nope. If I lived one house over, it would be a different story, but because I live outside of the city limits in the county I'm not required to have one and the county does not issue business licenses(at least in my county).

I actually went 'round and round' with my bank over this several years ago when I had to open up a new business account, because they said I HAD to provide them with my business license before I could open a business account even though I was an existing business customer, because of laws and regulations put in place after 9/11. They eventually ceded, but it took me actually going downtown to get proof from the county that I didn't need one and in-fact couldn't get one.


Yes, I'm required to have one here in Miami, Florida.

I know a couple of freelance folks here who ignore that law...I just don't feel like gambling with the county.

I look at it as a basic cost of doing business.

Just like hiring an accountant to do my business taxes instead of doing them myself. ;)


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One county around here does not require it and does not charge business property tax. The city requires one and if you work from home they require a zoning permit and that's another fee, so three assessments. It's all about the money. I have had one forever, but I just canceled my sub chapter-S status because I consider myself to be "mostly retired." Thanks for the replies.
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Ben Longden

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We just have to register the business name, then register for the federal sales tax and get an Business number from the federal tax office.

If we have a shopfront, then we have to register with the state... If we have a shopfront with an A frame on the footpath, then we have to register with the local council..

Required in Arlington, Va. Discovered this little fact after being a sole-proprietor for a few years back when I started freelancing 25 years ago. I am sure many of my peers don't know or don't care. I'm sure they also over look that pesky insurance thing too. Many government websites now guide new businesses on what's required.


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Some of the freelancers I know don't have a license and they let their employer worry about the contractor/employee issue. Some have said "I'm flying under the radar." In my local, not to have a license is a criminal not civil offense.


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The "correct answer" depends on your state, county, and city. All areas are different throughout the country.