Better market to work in Phoenix/Denver


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I can't speak for Phnx, but I was working in Denver at an indy station, now shut down, so I can give you my experienece with Denver. I was in Denver from 2008-2009, then laid off. I didn't like Denver due to many reasons.

- If you move there, you'd better like outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, climbing, etc
some people loved it, wasn't for me, but that's ALL people do there
- I'm single (over 40), the only women I met there were not my type, as most of them were " all natural, granola types ", didn't wear make-up and all democrats, very liberal, again, not my type, but that's what I was around
- I wasn't making enough money to even go out, if I did, look at cost of living on, as you salary needs to be around $40k-$45k/yr to have descent living
- Most people move there to be in the mountains, pure and simple, so if you're into that, great, if not, don't bother
- The altitude in Denver wasn't a good adjustment for me, as I didn't feel good on numerous occasions....
- Winters are harsh, but not as bad as the great plains states....
For me, Denver didn't work since most everyone I knew was already married with kids, so I honestly don't know where you'd go (??)

Sorry, not much help in the positive, but I spent most of my career in TX, so I'm looking there, which is very different from Denver.