Battery setting HDX900


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Can anyone share how they have set the battery setting menu for the
iDX elite battery,in the HDX900 menu.

Iam not sure what to put as full voltage.. the battery manual says 16.8 max voltage.. but then Nominal voltage 14.8.. I know its more than 14.8 but what to put as max.

I read in the Goodman guide if these bat setting isnt right in the camera menu.. the battery running time is effected ..

I always set my Panny's to Battery A or B, and used the VOLTAGE display instead of the percentage display. I typically used a 100watt light, so the % meter was useless. You NEVER want to run a Li-ion down below 11v, so I would set my Li-ion cut off power down at 11.6v, and my Hytron cut off at 11.2v.